Koala is a free sleep cycle monitor & smart alarm app. It tracks your sleep patterns and wakes you up at the right time, so you can have more energy throughout the day.Β It was to created to measure engagement for an IOT solution to improve sleep and well-being and refine the tracking library allowing to assess sleep quality. Based on the product requirements, I created a minimum viable product flow of the application to scope out the minimum number of features, screens and the global navigation. From this list, I’ve created several UI concepts for the screen that the users would interact with the most : the cards screen. From our test the card concept was prefered by users thus I designed the application around a card navigation. To allow users to gain knowledge about their night of sleep I developed interactive timelines that allows users to glimpse at specific events or time of their night and learn what has happened and which sleep stage they were in. Then I collaborated with the engineering team on the design and implementation of the application by providing design specifications, clickable prototypes (Invisionapp) and interactive animation prototypes (Framer). The application has been released on Google Play.

Programs : Sketch, Framer Studio, Invisionapp.

Scripting : Coffeescript